Wood Fences

wood fencing in Reno

For Americans, a wood fence is something of a tradition, and as such, it is one of the most popular fencing requests. Being naturally occurring, wood fences can easily blend with gardens and lawns.

Our aim at The Fence Companyof Reno is to ensure our clients’ security and privacy with the extra benefit of personalized aesthetics. For that to happen, we always make sure the products and resources we use of our high-quality and our staff are understanding and cognitive enough to convey the ideal fence you imagined into reality.

Fences are generally meant to provide security and privacy in property, and as added benefits, they serve to improve the property’s value and mark out the property’s boundaries. Our wood fences can perform these functions seamlessly, without compromising on the outdoor décor of your property.

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Styles of Wood Fencing

With the different varieties of styles and designs we make available for wood fences, you can be confident we will meet and possibly surpass your requirements. Some of the common wood fencing styles customers go for include;

Picket Fence 

This is one that you most likely already know being the most used wood fence design in America. We can customize it furtherly to your dimensional and style specifications


This classic design functions as what you may refer to as a semi-private fence. It is easily customizable and elegant, so you also don’t need to bother about the looks.

Privacy Design 

There are several designs we offer if what you wish for is a privacy fence. This includes stockades, vertical board, and the likes.

Wood Fence Material 

The versatility of wood means that there are various variations of wood that are usable for wood fencing. Our on-site team will assess your environment and individual requirements then go over the best possible options that’ll fit your home. Some of the popularly chosen wood types include:

  • Pinewood, which is a pressure-treated wood known best for its high durability.
  • Cypress, which customers consider one of the best choices because of its resistance to decay, insects and even corrosion, also known for its lovely smell
  • Redwood, loved for its visual appeal and, just like cypress, resistance to insect damage
  • Cedar, our personal favorite and most customers’ preferred option – durable, attractive, requires little to no maintenance and is resistant to decay, rot, corrosion, and the likes.

We can also integrate materials that are non-wood into your fence to suit your specific design and taste.

Reno Fence Installation 

For your expertly done, top quality wood fence in Reno, NV, contact us immediately. Even if it is for a repair job, we have the resources, experience, and dedication to elicit your wood fence’s past glory.