Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fencing in Reno

Perhaps you wish to have your property protected from burglary attempts, or you want to keep your pets and children safe from wandering beyond your watch. With the help of our vinyl fences, the intelligent people of Reno NV can be confident of their property’s security against unwanted meddling. Our vinyl fences will provide the full benefits of a fence from privacy to aesthetic, excellently. And we still customize them to your specific requirements, with some added benefits.

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Our Styles

When we install such a wonderful fence option, we make sure to optimize it for you by providing you with a wide array of style and design options. Some of the most used fence styles include:


Just like wood fences, you can have vinyl fences in the classic picket fence style. You can get the visual appeal of a picket fence style without the hassle of maintenance when you use vinyl.


We understand that your privacy is important to you, and vinyl fences can fulfill your property’s privacy needs without compromising on the simplicity and elegance of your yard.

Other Styles

Other common styles we offer include tapered, pool fence, crossbuck estate, flat top, and chesterfield. All of which are durable and have their specific strong points when deciding the design you’d want your fence in.

Benefits of Vinyl Fences

But what are those benefits peculiar to vinyl fences? For starters, customers usually choose vinyl fences as a more functional alternative to wood fences. While it looks quite like wood fences, it is extremely durable and can offer significantly more resistance to decay and rot than traditional synthetic wood fences.

One other strong point of vinyl fences is its high resistance to severe weather conditions. We install our fences to make sure they can last for decades, at least, but vinyl fences do that work for us by their nature. Furthermore, the durability and resilience of vinyl fences make it relatively easy to maintain as you can use regular cleaning materials to clean it if the need arises. The synthetic tendency of vinyl fences means that you wouldn’t ever need to spend on repainting or treatment. What tops all this is the fact that it costs only slightly more than wood fences.

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If you want your peculiarly designed vinyl fences with the utmost functionality, all you need to do is contact us immediately.