Gate installation

Where you have a fence, you are most likely going to find a gate, and we at The Fence Company of Renodo our best to be consistent in aiding the people of Reno with anything fence-related. We know that your gates are the entry point to any section of your property, and as such, it is most likely the first thing anyone who wants to access that section of your property would notice. That puts a lot of expectation on the visual appeal and functionality of your gates. Aside from this, gates are originally meant to ascertain security for your property, and that is our major focus providing this service for our clients.

Gates can also add real estate value to your property for those considering selling their properties.

Our team of specialists sees to it that you can customize your gates well enough to fit the surrounding fence and elements as well as your specific requirements. This means that we will offer you a wide variety of options when installing your gates. From these options; here are some types of gates we can help build into your property;

Walk Gates 

You may want to have a gate big enough to provide secure access to your property but small enough to blend in with the landscape around it. Our team of experts can build strong and secure walk gates with dimensions specific to the surroundings and your desires.

Garden & pool gates

Perhaps what you want is to have a fence and gate to your pool or garden. We know that this will keep out any unwanted guests out, and with us, you can build a gate functional enough to keep your kids, pets, or unwanted guests out, without harming the aesthetic of your garden and pool.

Driveway gates

If you want to have a larger, more conventional type of gate to let in vehicles, trucks and the likes, a driveway gate is obviously what you are looking for. Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further than here to get the best value driveway gates. We’re committed to making our work a personalized experience to offer you a wide range of customization options for your driveway gate, from color to dimensions to the style of opening – automatic, manual, swing, or slide gates.

Reno Fence contractor  

Like we mentioned earlier, we intend to help you whenever you have anything fence or gate related, so we also offer to repair or replace any type of gates you already have on your property. Contact us when you need to get your gates installed, repaired, or replaced, and we will show up with high-grade materials, viable and wide-ranged customization options, and friendly, honest customer service at affordable prices.