Fence Repair

Wood fencing repair

Residential Fence Repair in Reno

A broken fence entirely defeats the purposes of building a fence in the first place. Your security would become compromised, and the damage would harm the visual appeal of your home or commercial property. Knowing this, getting your fence repaired becomes an emergency. But we understand that because it’s an emergency does not mean a subpar repair operation is acceptable. You would then have to deal with spending more money and time on further complications, which is unacceptable to us at The Fence Company of Reno™.

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Fence Repair Near me 

We have access to the requisite resources, top-quality materials with experienced and certified individuals to use them. We intend to deliver professional, prompt fence repair services to you at your request. Whether it is a chain-link fence, vinyl, wood, or aluminum fence, and regardless of if it is for your home, garden, pool, corporation building and the likes, we are here to help and do so proficiently.

Weather Damage

Many things can cause damage to a fence. Sometimes, these damages arise because of poor installation, management, or low-quality fencing materials. One of the most obvious causes is the natural wear and tear of the material. When exposed to natural elements and weather conditions, fencing materials may start to wear and tear, significantly reducing their strength and visual appeal. That is why on installation, we use special coatings to ensure your fences are resistant to those nuisances, but we understand if you didn’t get that top-quality service in the first place. Our team of specialists who will work directly with you can fix any wear and tear damages, replacing them when necessary and ensuring you do not have to worry about it happening again.

Accident Damage

Other common causes of fence damage are vehicle accidents or even vandalism. At The Fence Company of Reno, we can conveniently repair any of these damages caused to your fences even to the extent where you’d need to completely get rid of the existing one for a replacement. In any case, our experts are always going to make sure they execute the repairs to accommodate your budget, without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

Why us for the job

The process of getting your fence repaired by us is very simple. All you need to do is consult us and let us know the extent of the damage, and we’ll send a team over to assess it and go over any possible modifications that you’d want to integrate now. Then you can relax and watch as your once upsetting fence becomes a thing of beauty and utmost functionality.