About Us

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The Fence Company of Renois all about giving the corporations, governmental organizations, and, especially, the residents of Reno, NV  the best quality fencing services around. We are dedicated to making sure that we can use our access to the finest products and resources, combined with our experience and expertise, implementing them to create a pleasurable fencing project experience with us. Our standards are high because we understand how frustrating it can be to have low-quality fencing that makes you unhappy, perhaps even sapping your time, effort and money for maintenance and repairs.

Why Choose Us?

All our staff at The Fence Company Reno have all the necessary certifications so that you can be confident that you’re working with experts in their respective fields. But more than our staff’s technical proficiency, the qualities we’re most proud of our staff for are their honesty, reliability, and attention to detail. We value our friendship with you, so we apply ourselves to understand your particular requirements and situation. In support, we offer all our services to fit your specific design and style requirements and accommodate your budget without compromising quality.

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Our Core Values


We strive to up hold the highest standards in the region. Our knowledgable staff will walk you through the process and build the fence you desire.

Affordable Prices

Our supplier relationships allows us to save on materials and pass the savings on to our customers.

Customer satisfaction

From the beginning to ending of the project, we want to ensure a hassle free process. Qualifying fences will come with a few year warranty.